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DWT on EcoHealth in Montreal

Ecohealth is community- & complexity based, adaptable, post normal, difficult to institutionalize and thus, at its core, subversive. Filmed by the amazing Kanatakhatsus Meunier. See it on YouTube.


Ecohealth 2014 – square dancing under a super-moon

A report of a gathering of that community of communities, the Biannual conference of the International Association for Ecology and Health in Montreal and still digesting (will be for a long while).

My Blog/Report on Ecohealth 2014

Ebola Virus Context (2007)

The Darkness Bleeds In With all the serious concern (and hype and conspiracy theory) about Ebola virus floating around I thought it might be useful to post a chapter on hemorrhagic fevers from my 2007 book, The Chickens Fight Back (Greystone, 2007).